Ikaru Natsuki “The Mystic Eye”

  • Name: Ikaru Natsuki~ The Mystic Eye”
  • Nicknames: Ika
  • Age:17
  • D.O.B: 08/01/1983
  • Place of Birth: Land Of Velgrath
  • Zodiac: Gemini

Residence: Natsuki Household

Occupation: Head of Household


Ikaru has always been a heavy reader of history books and was well educated on the outside world, he hadn’t formerly been tutored or educated because his sole responsibility was to of take care of his sister.


When going on missions or at the headquarters he often wears a long coat with a grey trousers and boots. He wields a katana and of course possesses his mystic eye ability which generally can be seen as a bright blue pupil; although when in use or battle the eye glows and emits a blue aura.


Ikaru is protective over his little sister, but also may come across as is a mysterious character and throughout the series you realise he has hidden powers that eventually awaken during dire situations and intense training.


He loves facing strong opponents and learning new skills through his alchemy hobby.


Ikaru loves reading and also has a high level alchemy skills  because of how much history and book reading he did as a kid. He enjoys training with his comrades and can be competitive sometimes when they have duels. One of his many passions is hunting demons and he loves being able to put his powers to good use.

Unique Abilities:

Eye of Discerning – One of his eyes glow blue and he can see through to the other realm. He is able to also breach the minds of people using this eye and is able to see what they have seen or what they are thinking.

Back Story:

Not much is known about Ikaru’s background aside from the fact he is the brother of Kumori and has “no apparent powers”. He just has the ability to see what the others can see. Later on more is understood and realised about the eye and as time progresses and he learns plenty new abilities and abit more about his past life.